Poolweb reviews will hopefully save you from a bad experience

My hand was forced into creating this blog, which is focused on the eCommerce companies that sell pool and spa supplies. I wanted to objectively share a particularly horrible experience I had with Poolweb.com, who tried to dodge their responsibility and accountability when one of their sales reps made a blatant mistake and sent me the wrong size custom pool cover. They refuse to accept the responsibility and remake the cover, which is just mind boggling. I look at this as directly stealing $1,500 from me (not to mention the waste of time, which is actually even worse for me). Apparently I’m not the only one with a bad experience with Poolweb.com.

Buying my pool cover from Poolweb.com

It’s certainly not about the money – but rather the blatant and bold lack of integrity that I am observing – all the way up to the President of the company, Andrew Worcester. Typically these values and this type of behavior are role modeled at the top, so it’s no surprise that every interaction has felt like I was being taken advantage of for what otherwise would be an honest mistake — but nonetheless one that should be owned by Poolweb. I’ve been wondering why they would take such a counterproductive stance on their own mistake. I can *maybe* understand the sales rep trying to cover her mistake, maybe her pay is docked for mistakes like this? But I can’t understand how the president of the company would dodge the responsibility to do the right thing for his customer.

Beyond them being ethically unscrupulous, could this behavior be any more short sighted? I’m a homeowner with a pool, and ongoing needs for pool supplies, with dozens of friends and family that are homeowners with pools with ongoing needs for pool supplies. And this stuff isn’t cheap! What a poor business decision to violate the trust of a potentially valuable customer and advocate – for what, the wholesale value of a $1500 pool cover that your sales rep screwed up? Shame.

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