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It’s important to share stories about our experiences with businesses who rip us off, like this online pool equipment store, Poolweb.com, did to me. They take advantage of the friction of returns, of calling, of spending the time to remedy a poorly handled situation.

We ordered this great MeycoLite pool cover. Our pool company then informed us that we needed to get this cover customized with anti-tear padding for the spa so that the cover wouldn’t tear. The first rip off was when I called to process a “hassle free return” – as stated in their return policy:

If your item is listed as “in stock”, we accept returns within a 30 day period. Our online return system will generate a pre-paid shipping label for your convenience to return your order. Your refund will be reduced by the amount of the return shipping costs. If you do not use the label to return your order or one is not provided to you, your order will be subject to a 25% processing fee.

This is a standard size cover, it was in stock, it was shipped right away. Poolweb.com fraudulently deducted 25% “restocking fee” and claimed it was a custom pool cover.

Then the real drama happened…

My Poolweb.com Custom Pool Cover Fiasco

We ordered the same 20×46 pool cover but with the custom anti-tear padding. The sales rep confirmed this. We had several phone conversations. We reviewed in detail the specs of the spa so the padding would be in the right place. Check, check, and check. So far so good. Then, the sales rep took it upon herself to change the pool cover size to 20×45, because that is the size of the pool. This mistake by Poolweb left me with a pool cover that didn’t fit, a bill for $1,500, and all sorts of excuses for why it was not their fault. Seriously!? What a cop-out.
Even the pool cover manufacturer was left scratching their heads on this one. This is what I get for trying to save some money and buying from Poolweb.com. Shame on Poolweb. Shame on their president Andrew Worcester for not giving a damn about your customers — not to mention the value of all the referrals that could have come your way. I will certainly be buying all of my pool equipment elsewhere, and I hope that other customers looking for pool supplies, pool cleaning equipment, pool filters, etc shop elsewhere too and avoid these types of problems.

If you want to email Andrew a message to express your disappointment you can reach him at andrew@poolweb.com

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