Customer service with online pool and spa supplies

I was brought up to always do the right thing. That philosophy has made it into the way I have run my businesses, and how I interact with customers, suppliers, and even competitors. Good customer service pays for itself many times over — in loyalty, customer value, referrals, brand equity, and reputation. Conversely, poor customer service, substandard values, and unethical business practices are sometimes looked at by some business owners as the corners that can be cut without much impact. This could not be further from the truth. There will always be a reverberation of your actions — bad reviews and the associated negative SEO value, the loss of reputation from the negative word of mouth. But more importantly — in this day and age doesn’t it feel better to just treat other human beings the right way and do the right thing. The universe will thank you for it.

How does my philosophy on customer service relate to online pool supplies?

The point of this website is to share my personal experience looking for great prices and selection on pool supplies (specifically I needed to buy a pool cover), and how horribly I was treated by one of the seemingly larger online pool supply stores – I won’t put much time into this, but I do need to help other customers looking for online pool and spa supplies to avoid bad experiences. I think it’s the right thing to do.

What was on my pool supplies shopping list?

In this case I needed a pool cover, but in the spring maybe I’d need some pool chemicals. In the summer when my pool gets dirty from the rain and leaves, maybe I would need one the best pool vacuums. I definitely need to check my pool chemistry and need the supplies for that. Not to mention that I also run a handful of pool filters that need to be cleaned and maybe even replaced at some point. Ultimately, I want to ensure my pool safety is covered. caused my family a lot of stress. Are they a leader in online sales and promotions for pool supplies and spa supplies? I don’t know. But I do know how badly they dealt with my situation, and I hope that I can educate others, who enjoy spending time in their pools with their families, to help them search elsewhere for the best pool supplies and for their pool safety.

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