Where do you get your pool supplies in New York, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey?

Hopefully the answer is not Poolweb.com!

In my experience this company has zero integrity, and a customer service policy that only protects them and does no service for the customer.

Pool supplies at great prices?

I live on Long Island in New York, and many homeowners here have pools. We need pool accessories, pool supplies, spa supplies, pool filters, pool covers, pool chemicals, and cleaning equipment. Our local providers are sometimes a little on the expensive end so many of us buy these products online. We seek honest companies with a wide selection of pool and spa supplies and equipment, good prices, quick shipping, and good customer service. And that is what we expect from the companies we choose to do business with.

In my experiences with Poolweb, they do not live up to this standard – in fact very far from it. I don’t know if they are struggling financially but their behavior seems like that can be the case. Why else would they blatantly try to cover up a mistake of an employee over a $1500 pool cover? It seems so petty and so short sighted.

The pool cover was a MeycoLite 20×46 pool cover, with custom anti-tear padding for our spa. The same rep took it upon herself to change the size to 20×45 since that is the size of my pool. But nobody ever asked her to do that and this cover in fact does not fit! The president of Aquatic Technology dba Poolweb.com in Augusta, Maine, Andrew Worcester, refuses to honor the company’s responsibility for this mistake.

My pool company couldn’t close our pool for the winter as a result of not having this cover. Fortunately there are plenty of places to buy this MeycoLite cover. Now I have to scramble, as we are already entering the winter season to find another quick way of getting this cover.

Moral of the story is … Buyer beware!

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